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A GROUP has been set up to help people in Wiltshire fleeing from domestic violence.

Donations have been received from 260 people for victims leaving a desperate situation in a hurry, to escape physical and emotional abuse in the home.

The group says donations have far exceeded expectations, with goods given ranging from clothes, furniture, household items to essentials like food, nappies, baby milk and toiletries.

So many have been received that now they need more storage space to keep them until they are distributed to people in need.

Since being set up in September they have helped four women, from Trowbridge, Chippenham and Corsham, all with between one and three young children.

Samanatha Burton, 35, who is one of seven trustees, said: “This is to help people who have fled with nothing. We have had a great response from people in the area.

“Selwood Housing have donated us a garage free of charge for six months, but we are desperately trying to find more free storage, in the Chippenham area ideally, and are also asking local companies for donations to help us.”

Founder Kevin Thorne, 40, has himself been a victim of domestic violence.

He said: “What set it off, a friend of a friend was in a domestic violence relationship; she was moving into a property with three boys and they had nothing.

“It’s nice to be able to give them something. They’ve been totally run into the ground and made to feel totally useless, no self-esteem whatsoever. One woman had petrol poured over her and lit matches flicked at her by her boyfriend.

“What the perpetrator will do is make them think that no one likes them and make them lose contact with family and friends.

"They’re moving into a world of unknown. Some flee with only what they are wearing, they leave behind their personal belongings. Many will end up moving back to the house and taking the abuse.”

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