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Helping victims of domestic violence 

Registered Charity Number 1161380

Our Charity Purpose

We are an organisation based in Wiltshire providing

practical support to families, individuals (male and female), young people and children who have experienced domestic violence and their associated issue.

Our organisation aims to reduce their suffering and promote their health and wellbeing by helping them sustain independence and take back control of their lives.

Our Work at HVDV.

Before picture of moving in nothing but an empty shell . Families have fled and have sometimes had no family support or friend network as having to leave all behind when leaving Domestic Abuse. Sometimes having very little money and support the world can look very bleak. 

Dear Kevin and Liz, (HVDV)

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the help and support you gave me and my children to get us settled into our new home.

After such an horrendous time, I have totally regained faith in humanity especially following the kind gesture of a certain individual who paid for our cooker – to that person I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for making an empty shell a home, each little thing made a huge difference to us, even the bedding being washed and fresh and beds made ready for us to collapse in.

In the absence of family, you made me feel I was not alone. Such a daunting prospect became a positive experience and it was all down to you.

Special thanks too or ‘Lee’ who engaged my son and made him feel an important part of the process.

best wishes to you all, I really don’t know how you do it.

I have attached some before and after photos.

Once again thank you

(Family name removed) x

Our History

This charity was founded after a lady we knew had suffered from domestic violence. She found it very hard to take the big step of leaving her husband with her 3 boys because she knew that she would have nothing. Well she took the big step to freedom but ended up with an empty shell of a house. A post was put on facebook asking for help and the response was better than we ever imagined, everyone helped. This made us aware that there are lots of DV Victims out there that have nothing other.. than the clothes they have walked away in and a lot of them have children. This along with the fact that myself and my wife have both suffered from Domestic Violence in our past. We are Survivors "well we are still here anyway". It never goes away but some how you learn to cope with it. Domestic violence is not only physical abuse but also mental abuse, These people go through every day so if we can all put a smile on their face and show that people do really care and are willing to help them on their road to freedom and become survivors of DV

Please take a couple of seconds with your eyes closed and the TV off and imagine sitting in an empty room with your children. Hearing them crying because they have no toys, knowing you cannot make a drink or cook any food. Even worse you have only £5 in your purse, enough money to buy some food for the children but you go without to look after your children.

You feel no- one loves you or cares because you have been made to believe this from your partner. You feel totally worthless and there seems no point to life, apart from your children as they are all you have to keep you going. You feel that it is your fault that they are in this situation. You have been mentally scared and you believe what you have been told by your parnter as he has shouted it and beat it into you so much.

Without your support this is how things are so please, please help. They need household items, food donations, nappies. store vouchers that can be used to help with things like baby milk and baby bottles. All items would be appreciated because the victims may not have anything , apart from the clothes that they had to escape in, as they had to get away as fast as they could so the partner did not know where they were going.

Help us to give them a fighting chance, they are human just like us and they did not ask to be in this situation.

If you live in Wiltshire, you could help with clothes you no longer need, or useable furniture, kitchen items, bedding, everything you would need to set up a home.

please note we are unable to take any items that may be in need of repair.


You can make a donation using the Donate button . Many Thanks...

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