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News And Events for 2023.

 CO-OP Local causes thank you to Co-op member's who have helped raise £117m. Helping 7m* people across the UK since 2016.They double the amount for the community when Co-op memeber's shop with them.

This year Helping victims of domestic violence is one of Co-op chosen Charities.  

for more information on how you could support this amazing cause please click link below

Christmas Appeal 2022

Thank you for our amazing gift my Children were so excited on Christmas day after leaving our situation in November money was tight. My daughter loved her books and colouring set along with a teddy and toys. My Son loved his toy cars especially these ones as he had hot wheels he loved them and his colouring books and pencils. Then there was the amazing food hamper which we got the day before Christmas eve. cracker biscuits ,juice, selection packs, tinned meat and veg ,Christmas chocolate log and lots more.

Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas one to remember as there has been lots of Christmas behind us. but our first magical Christmas this year has been amazing. hugs to all this Christmas. x 

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