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Support Given by Hvdv

Families and Indiviuals Helped by HVDV since December 2017.

This Family we helped 3 days before Christmas 2017. They moved into their new home with just their clothes and two air beds . A Hvdv volunteer help us with her small van to move a fridge freezer and her sofa to this family before Christmas day. We also had another volunteer offer their old cooker for the family.

and donation of kitchen items e.g microwave,kettle,pots and pans, plates and cutlery and bedding items given by kind public donation . After Christmas once we had a bigger van we were able to drop of beds and bedroom furniture shown in slideshow below.

family were truly greatful for all they were given.  

I had been staying in a refuge and had been lucky enough to be successful in my bid for housing in Wiltshire .

The refuge manager contacted HVDV and asked them if they could help equip me for my new home. At the time my child and I needed everything having fled with nothing. It was nearly Christmas and most charities were starting to close for the festive period and appeared not to be taking donations of furniture never mind equipping houses from scratch!

HVDV were wonderful! They contacted me directly and established what I needed and when. At that stage I had no idea how hard these volunteers work to ensure you receive as much as possible of what you need and in my case more!

I got the keys to my property very quickly and was able to move in sooner than I had expected. HVDV met the challenge really calmly and efficiently and were even more supportive by bringing forward the delivery date of my furniture to a Saturday.

When they arrived they couldn't have been nicer. They were cheerful and friendly and extremely patient. They checked how my child and myself were coping. They were truly able to understand as they had all been in similar situations themselves and I valued their kindness and understanding.

Because of their own experiences they were able to think of and bring things that even I hadn't remembered I would need. From toiletries to curtains. Beds, cooking utensils, settee, coffee table, crockery and even tea towels and a microwave!

I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness.

There were hampers too. All useful store cupboard food and items..not forgetting some Christmas treats and a Christmas tree complete with baubles! Amazing! This help was vital ..I had not known it as out there and we are so glad it is. During our chats they were able to signpost us to further support. Since we have moved in I have recieved a follow up call to check everything is OK for us and been able to text.

We are so grateful HVDV are out there continuing to help people who are in similar situations.We will never be able to thank them enough as they have completely blown our minds with their kindness and caring. We are so glad that they are there!

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