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HVDV News And Events 2017.

Here at Hvdv we are always happy to welcome individuals who would like to Volunteer for Hvdv. Our volunteers help us in a number of ways, they can provide occasional support - like helping at one off events, support us with seasonal work like Christmas Appeal or be regular volunteers which help support Hvdv on a weekly / daily basis some roles within Hvdv require you to be Dbs. checked.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities with Helping victims of domestic violence. so if you want to help us to help others please get in touch.

If you can spare a couple of hours a week or a day a month, or if you are interested in being involved in a specific project, fundraiser supporting us on a adhoc or seasonal basis, we want to hear from you. Please note that some of our volunteering opportunities may only be open to females.

Ideally, we are looking for individuals who can support Hvdv in area needed below:

*Helping collect large item on van (heavy lifting)

*Clothes sorting.

*Washing/ironing. Of clothes and bedding/ linen.

*Collect of donations in your local area.

* Helping at storage area with sorting.

*Helping Hvdv organise community awareness events & fundraising activities.

*Hvdv Christmas Appeal.

*Helping us with communications, publicity and promotional literature.

*Support Hvdv during our busy seasonal periods such as Christmas, Easter etc. including organising collections and the wrapping and distribution of gifts.

For more information, email Volunteering for Hvdv and we will email/send out application.

Just to update all who supported the HVDV Christmas appeal 2016 .

Here are what the refuge sent us below. Thank you all so much for ur help and kind

donations. Liz 💖

Thank you so much for your continued support and for all the donations you

donated at Christmas, it was truly overwhelming and we cannot thank you

enough for your continued support, as you do make such a difference to the

women and children we have staying here at Christmas.

So again a big thank you from the women and the children and of course the

staff here at the refuge.


A big thank you to all for all the gift donations you gave to the refuge House.

Our children and mums were spoilt this Christmas.

I hope all will be okay with your charity this year. We wish you good luck.

News and Events from 2016

Nationwide Easter Egg collection.

Hvdv would like to thank everyone at Nationwide who donated Easter Eggs to Hvdv which over the last two days have been shared between families hvdv support and refuges across Wiltshire.

When dropping to the families they were Eggstatic. Thank you Nationwide. you all did an Eggcellent job in collecting so many Eggs it was Eggtastic.

Here are some of the comments we had back from the families who received egg.

I've got an Easter Egg! Yeaaaaaay!

Thank you!!!


So thoughtful and I can't tell you what it means to be included!

Bless you for your kindness. Really, it means such a lot.

Good morning

Thank you for your kind donations Nationwide of the Easter Eggs for the women and children staying here at the refuge, also thank you so much Hvdv for your continued support to the women who move on from our scheme, its absolutely amazing what you do for them.

Special Thanks

HVDV Would like to thank Luke 8 years old and his brother Oliver age 17 who donated this Star Wars egg and three others eggs for families HVDV support.

The eggs were given to a family who had 2 girls and one boy and a egg for their mum.

The little girl said that she wanted to thank the boys and is doing a picture to say thank you to them.

Thank you to Holly Carpenter at for arranging a bake day at her work on Friday 5th of February 2016. Which raised roughly £237.00. Which director Louis has kindly said he will double at carfinance247. So thank you to Holly and her colleagues for making some lovely cake and raising much need funds for HVDV.

Update Total was £481.44 With funds raised from bake sale we brought Essential for Families moving in to a property fleeing Domestic Abuse.

cleaning items, toilet rolls and brushes, tea towel , washing up bowls and lots more . slideshow below of item brought from cake sales funds raised.

Christmas Appeal 2015 Update.

Thank you from All at HVDV with all your support with the Christmas Appeal 2015.

HVDV received just over 806 boxes/ Gift bags. I would like to Thank you all personally for helping us with our Christmas Appeal 2015. We hoped to achieve more than last year which was 613 and we smashed it by achieving 806+.

we helped different families across Wiltshire who had suffered and fled domestic abuse which were in refuge and ones who had not long left refuge to rebuild their lives again. as the feedback comes in it will be updated on this site

Below are comments from Refuge and outreach workers who gave to families and families who received gifts via refuge from this year’s appeal 2015.

“HI Liz

I have spoken to our outreach worker re the reaction from the two families who she delivered the Christmas boxes to, she said that the mums were both overwhelmed by the amount of gifts and very grateful to have been included.

so thank you very much.”.

Many thanks.

Hi Liz

Happy New Year to you all!!

What can I say, thank you just doesn’t seem enough, all the women and children loved all the gifts, thank you, thank you so much, we really cannot express in words what your support means to us each year, what would we do without you.

All I can say is you made so many people happy, they could not believe the generosity and how many gifts they received, some even commented, “this is the best Christmas” and as we are a refuge that was good to hear,

Hi Liz

Firstly I would like to say how grateful the support workers and I are for the presents the children received. were really pleased you guys were able to do this.

Everyone we have had feedback from were so overwhelmed by the gifts and how kind people can be which is lovely considering what they have been through.

Many thanks.

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