Helping Victims Of Domestic Violence

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Hvdv News and Events 2019

        HVDV News and Events

Future of Helping Victims of Domestic Violence 

The Hvdv charity is looking for new premises. It is looking for premises with 1,500 Sq. Foot.

We are looking for anywhere in north Wiltshire area who may have premises that the charity could use.

We are also looking with help to fund new premises we have a Limited budget but if 

anyone can help with funds then it would help with having storage for charity furniture.

If you or anyone you know, could help then please contact

HVDV Crowding funding link is 

Slide below to see what HVDV does for individuals and families who have fled domestic abuse thank you for taking the time to read and what slide.

Christmas Appeal 2019 Thank you everyone

We would like to thank everyone for there kind generosity this Christmas along with Christmas gifts for the hvdv Christmas appeal. Also Hampers which have all gone out to families and individuals. Donation which have gone towards gift cards for families for Asda and Tesco for them to buy fresh foods for Christmas. The feed a family appeal will continue till new year funds raised will go to feed families who we haven't been able to get hampers too.

Thank you to our collection points for the hvdv Christmas appeal. 

Calne town council
Malmesbury Abbey
Kennett furniture recycling KFR Devizes
Waste not want not chippenham
Trowbridge civic centre
cafe cornmarket Warminster
Ellendune Community Centre Wroughton
The wollery westbury
Stove farm Marlborough

Thank you to St John's school in marlborough for your pupils Christmas gifts towards the hvdv Christmas appeal.

Thank you to our great team of volunteers who work hard thought the year to make a difference to others. Also thank you to Hayley for running around and getting food donation with her husband . your extra hand have been a blessing .

Thank you to the group's and individual who have raised funds throughout 2018

I will up date in the New Year comments from individuals and families.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe start to the New year 2019.🎄🎁

The Christmas gift and hamper appeal feedback from 

individual's and Families.

"Thank you the hamper is lovely xx"

"The kids loved that bag you sent for me. I let them take it and wrap it up from them. They were chuffed to bits"
"Had a lovely day thanks to you all. The dogs absolutely love their hamper too!"

"So bloomin overwhelmed by your kindness and the kindness of all the people that have donated stuff. Knowing that you're thought about and remembered is as lovely as the helping hand it gives. You've literally delivered us our whole christmas. You and Kev are very special people. XxX"

" Thank you so much from all of us. Feeling truly emotional x"

"Just got home, THankyou so much for my gifts, tell hvdv THankyou for all their work and support xx"
"It was great. Thank you so so much for the lovely hamper and the gifts."

"Aw it was fab thank you so much really appreciated it.. hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year x"

" This year had been hard enough breaking free with the children. Christmas came quick I managed to get a couple of prezzie for the children but for Christmas dinner I couldn't afford a roast .
So was going to have fish fingers and alpha letters. The hvdv team came with a hamper of food goodies and treats the children's eye lite up.
In the following days after they had been . Liz popped by with a big surprise a food gift card for Asda so we could buy a turkey and some fresh vegetables. Thank you Hvdv you have truly made mine and the children's Christmas one we will never forget."